Watch Instagram Story Anonymously Without Account

The Imginn is a free web-based Instagram stories viewer. It enables you watching people’s Instagram stories, photos, posts anonymously without logging account – an extra feature that Instagram platform does not provide. Most of us use Instagram daily and sometimes we need to see what other people are up to without being traced by them. If you are person who highly values the privacy and wants your account’s identity 100% secure and private while watching people’s IG stories, Imginn app should be the great online Inta story viewer for you.

Imginn – The Free App for Anonymous Instagram Stories Viewer

Imginn viewer is the online tool that let you watch and download Instagram stories with 100% anonymity. As Instagram site does not supply this feature, so using a third-party application like Imginn or Iganony to watch stories privately is the only solution for people who want to keep their identities hidden while watching other’s IG stories that no one knowing.

No Account Required

You can view Insta stories, reels video, posts anonymously without any extension or logging account. So it is helpful to keep your account name and personal information 100% secure. 

Friend User Interface

Imginn app has an easy-to-use interface for watching Instagram content. Spying someone’s stories is very simple. Just open our tool, type in the desired account username then start spying securely.

Support All Devices and OS

You can use Imginn tool on any device/ OS, which is anonymous and unrelated to your own IG account (for downloading or viewing). All you need to use this tool is an Internet connection and open your web browser then using the spying box.

How to Use Imginn App

Imginn viewer can help you with getting all these public info. It not only lets you watch stories privately but also gives you the option to download them locally. The app will assist you in downloading the stories, images, posts or reels video. This means you don’t need to use two different tools to watch stories anonymously and download them.